Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 places to store some files

I'm sure of it. Each and every of us has searched for some decent website, where one can upload all kinds of documents, one's favourite music or some video file. Yes, there are some places present, where you can store a picture or two, but ... what happens to the 2 gb (for example) .rar file, containing some important text files,
some albums of the favourite band and a directory full of pictures, that you can't upload one by one? Read below :


This is a nice storage website with stylish, easy and fast design.
You can upload files up to 100 mb each, yet there is no place restriction. The registration goes
fast and easy and gives some privileges - a catalogue of uploaded files and an opportunity for file-sharing level - whether the files/folders are accessible for everyone or they are private.
There is no time limit for keeping the files. Try it out!

One of the best of its kind. After a short registration, one's granted some 5 gb place for storage.
If you need more, you can always upgrade - there are several options at a variable price.
The upload goes through a Flash based virtual drive that resembles Windows Explorer and provides various security options.
The upload limit for a single file is 100 mb, yet there is a possibility for multi-upload. 
Easy interface, plenty of gigabytes ... a very good storage place.

This is a "light" version of 4shared. There is no need to register.
The file size in once again limited to 100mb.
When you upload a file, you get a download link and an administration link.
You can use it to set a password, a description or simply to delete the uploaded file.
2shared has a pretty nice design -  fast, stylish, easy to use.
There is also a search bar, if you are looking for something. 
A fast and useful website. Give it a try!

Another good option for fast and secure file storage.
You get 2 gb free and some upgrade options - pretty advantageous, I think.
Diino has a multilangual support and interface.
The upload goes through special free diino software.
One can upload not just imple files, but folders, which is very convenient.
In the end - you can access it via your mobile phone.
You also get a free e-mail account.
Diino is a nice option when you have to backup big packs of data.

Ever been in need to send a file to a friend? will help you.
One can upload up to 2 gb file. Filetac sends an e-mail to the user.
He receives a download link that can be used 10 times.
You can include some short text to the e-mail.
The files remain stored as long as you wish. If there is no download for 12 months, they get automatically deleted.
Very convenient and fast website. See for yourself.

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