Friday, May 9, 2008

English Football 07/08

The 2007-2008 football season in England has come to its end. There are some hopes, there are some disappointments, but there are no big surprises. If we make a quick tour through the four stages of professional English football, we could highlight some interesting details.
Of course, we shall start with Barclay's Premier Legaue. Here we have millions of pound and euro changing their holders, the best players of the contemporary generation defending the colours of their clubs, huge sums are being paid by TV programs to broadcast the football matches ...
There is one round left and   nobody can tell for sure who will win the trophey.
The rivalry is, of course, between 2 of the "big 4" competitors of English top class football - Manchester United and Chelsea. Both have collected 84 points so far. In the last round, both teams face rivals, that seem to be easily beaten. Man United boys travel to the city of Wigan and Bolton pay a visit to Chelsea's Stamford Bridge. This final clash will decide who will be the next champion.
Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Avram Grant are confident of winning the title.
Sir A. Ferguson, who's managing his team since 1986, 
knows the way to victory and hopes to find it one more time. Since he was appointed coach of the Manchester team, the "Red Devils" have won 9 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups,  2 League Cups and 7 times the Community Shield. And these are the domestic achievements only. The Scottsman is pretty well aware of his team, knows what great potential is concentrated in each player and has the right key to unlock it. 

On the other hand we have Avram Grant. Not many things were known about him until September 2007. A personal friend of Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich, after the departure of Jose Mourinho, he was appointed Coach. In the beginning it was hard. Several players protested against Grant replacing Mourinho, Chelsea played badly and started losing points. The hope of a UEFA qualification place was alive, but no dreams of the title were present. Avram Grant made it possible. He worked hard, despite all the critisicm, lead Chelsea through the Champions League up to the final, managed a 16-game unbeaten run,added some figures like Nicholas Anelka to the team, gained valuable points and threatened Manchester United's and Arsenal's title claim.
Curious about this is a certain fact - the two teams shall clash once again, but this time it will be on an European Stage - the Champions League final. Will one of those teams have the self-confidence and strength, needed to make a "double" - winning both tropheys? Only time will show.

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