Friday, August 22, 2008

Free And Legit Music? Why Not?

First I'd like to apologize for not being too much active on my blog - I fell ill and had a long recreation period in the country afterwards. The worst way to spend the summer .. But I'm here and running, as they say in the commercials.
When I got back, I felt a desperate need for music. I really needed my music, not just listening to a radio, where I can't pick favourite songs. But my music got me bored, I really wanted to try something new, something different that I've never listened to before.
So, I started a massive search and would gladly share the results with you.


This is a very interesting website. It was designed to scrobble your tracks, so that you can use it to display your musical taste. With the time it evolved and now it is much more a social network than a highly specialized website. One has a profile where he could observe how many times his audio player played a track or an artist. Beside all the information about these tracks and the radio that is included in the software, I found muisc that is downloadable.
That's right - some artists upload their music to and all the users can download and enjoy it. I think that this is a well-thought step to make one's music popular - if you like it, please support us and buy our album.
I really bought an album and now I'm waiting for it to arrive.
At first, looks pretty complicated but one gets easily used to it.
If you don't have a profile, don't hesitate -register, download the software
(no spyware or ads included!) and download music. It's free!

2. Grooveshark

I admit I was amazed by this website. When I first popped in it, I came across a nice design and the ambitious tagline "Listen to any song, anywhere in the world." I gave it a try - I typed the name of some artist that are not popular and what was my astonishment when they were found by the website! Grooveshark resembles some radio - you choose the tracks you wish to play and can even quckly make up a playlist. Here comes the sweet part - you share the music you've got with the other users and get credit for it. Then you can use the credit to download commercial tracks without paying anything but this credit. And, believe me, there is much worth downloading. I think that almost everyone's musical taste can be fully satisfied if joining Grooveshark. Give it a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised!


The first thing that comes to my mind when viewing this website is "cool". It contains the mp3s of thousands of some underground, independent bands who either work with a minor label or even do not have one. The website's tagline is "For the people, by the people." which is absolutely true. One can download a song without even bothering to register.
Yet, I recommend registering - it has much benefits.
One can choose what music to listen to and download by choosing between multiple genres spanning from "hardcore metal" to "experimental electronica".
As you choose your genre you can download the "track of the week",
view the band's biography or simply browse for some other music. And there are some very good tracks, produced by talented artists in all these genres. Give it a try, you'll hardly be disappointed!


This is a nice website where you can download music and give an assessment without registering.
 Mp3lizard has a nice design in white and green and it won't be hard for anyone to cope with it.
Music is divided into multiple genres and one can be sure he'll find some favourite songs here.
Most of the songs are good and waiting to be rated. Downloading is a fast and easy process.
Enjoy this website - it is not so popular, yet it contains some really good music.

I hope this post was useful for all the readers! Stay tuned for more!:)


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