Friday, April 17, 2009

Quadro Racing - a FREE addictive arcade racer!

Economic recession ...We all got tired of these two words. In the beginning only the specialist could really grasp what this is all about. Now we all know - not the way of life we were used to.  
The recession hit all fields of human activity. Even the game industry. And now, the people who once enjoyed playing, find themselves facing a rather complicated question - where to find money for the upcoming blockbusters? 
This blog won't lead you to the Secret of Rapid Money-Making With Absolutely No Effort. It's all about entertainment, baby. Yes, even in terms of economic-whatever. I'm here, ready to present to you some free games. They've been an interest of mine for 5 years now. And who said that you actually have to pay to be properly amused? 

So, let's talk about 

It's all about racing, isn't it? No, forget about the lustrous urban style cars you can come across in any other racer. This game is about all-terrain vehicles. Is it a motorbyke? No! Is it a car? No! Does it offer some real entertainment? Yeah! 

The main aim is one - win, using your ATV. Some words about the graphics - it's really awesome! I'm not sure whether this screenshot lets you feel the atmosphere ..  It's all about you, the opponents and THE DESERT. The developers made me feel as in a real desert rally. Thums up for that! It offers some visual effects as motion blur, anti-aliasing and so on.
The sound .. well, they could've passed without it. Use your own music, because there is no in-game one. The nice part - when you do something spectacular with your ATV you can hear people clapping at you.. Nice!
The gameplay .. addictive. Quite addictive. In the beginning you have only one ATV (sounds so sci-fi, doesn't it ^^) and 1 track available and as the game goes, you can unlock the other features. This is the right place to warn you - in case my so-called review has persuaded you to try it, I highly recommend to enter the "Quick Race" mode first. Why? Simply to make acquitance with the game system and to understand the fact that the most important thing is .. to screw your opponents by beating their ATV down. Don't try to race like if you're in real life. Because you'll get your buggie crashed and this will eventually make you lose some precious seconds. 
The gameplay offers two modes - the normal, classic style racing and another one, where your main goal is to earn points, making spectacular jumps.
The difficulty goes up gradually - a wise developer decision, I guess. In the end the game is quite a challenge!

 Of course, Quadro Racing has its flaws. When you download and install it, you'll be sent over to - a free games website. Get used to this - whenever you finish playing, a browser  page will pop up with (omigosh, what a surprise!!) loading inside it. I didn't like the logo - I can't undestand how can one and the same people create such a beautiful game and such a .. meagre logo. 

But, let's not be that covetous - this is a very decent free game. I recommend you trying it! You can find it here !

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