Saturday, May 31, 2008

Help the world by clicking (part 1)

Today I would like to draw your attention to a specific kind of websites - the "click-to-donate" ones.
They are about contributing to a just cause by simply clicking on a link. What is special about them? When clicking on a link, one can see advertisements.
They are being put there by sponsors,
who help the nature and the society with money or any other products. 
 At first, I admit I was quite sceptic about how
my click helps the rainforests or slows the global warming.
It is all in the ads one sees - as we know, ads cost money and this money is sent right away to starving people, animals and trees.

These are some of the websites.

1. Freerice
A website that trains one's vocabulary by a simple test.
One has 1 words and 4 options to choose from.
You should click on the synonym. For each word, you gain 20 grains of rice.
You can play as long as you wish.
Freerice is a non-profit organisation, working with .
A small disadvantage for me is  that there is no ability to keep track of all the rice donated.
Yet, it is a just cause and is worth.
Give it a try, you may come across some new words and phrases :)

2. Freepoverty
This is an organization which goal is to stop the poverty.
Freepoverty donates cups of water to people in need - like the ones in Myanmar or Sichuan.
One plays a geography game - to locate the exact place of a certain town or celebrity.
There are 4 levels - easy, medium, hard and extra hard.
The closer to its actual whereabouts you locate a town, the more cups of water will you donate.
The maximum is 10 cups, the minimum - 1.
You can make 5 mistakes, after which the game ends.
The website remembers the IP and keeps record of donated cups.

3.  Freeflour
This is a website, that tests one's knowledge in geography.
For each correct answer, Freeflour donates the amount of money,
needed for a spoon of flour to Bread for the World.  
10 spoons of flour make up a bun, 100 - a loaf of bread. 
This means - the more you play, the more you help cure world hunger.
A small minus for me is the big presense of ads.
I know they are the money generator, yet this makes the website rather slow sometimes.
As with Freepoverty, Freeflour keeps track of the number of breads donated.



lara said...

I dropped by Freerice and decided to play, haha. It was fun. I have this thing with words.

How we do exactly know though, that the funds they get from Ads would really go straight to Charity? It may be a scam.. Hmm. Hope not.:D

roentarre said...

An artistic image in deed.

The Nameless Author said...

"Freerice is a non-profit organisation, working with ."
This means that Freerice works with United Nations World Food Programme :)
No, it is not a scam.
Btw, expect part 2 soon, I just need to pass my exams :)

bluesky said...

Another great charity site is It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

Check it out at